Mac Pro octo core and Final Cut Studio 2 thoughts

The creative professionals now have everything they could need at this point. Not only have we finally seen the release of Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 for intel macs and the Mac Pro octo core, Apple have also released a brand new version of Final Cut Studio. The new version has a whole load of great stuff including a couple of really great things that caught my eye. The first being the ability to place a wide variety of formats on the timeline in final cut and being able to edit them together in real-time. Plus the ability to compress huge HD video files down to much smaller files is great too.

The fact that you’ll be able to get smaller HD files online and the ever increasing broadband speeds, this hopefully means that more HD content will be available online soon.

One note about the Mac Pro 8-core though is that they introduced it at an increased cost and kept the quad core versions available at the same price as before I think although I may be wrong. I was hoping that they would keep the one highest end quad model and then go all octo from there upwards in pricing while dropping the quad core’s price and introducing the octo at not too much of a premium above that but I don’t think that’s what they’ve done.

I’m just not sure if I believe that it really costs so much more to put 8 cores in there than 4 and also that the quad system hasn’t gone down in price since it was launched last year.

But then again for those professional video editors it’s a small price to pay for probably best and still the cheapest solution for high end video editing and other professional tasks.