Xbox 360 Elite Released Officially

Xbox 360 Elite

I really haven’t been into this Elite system since I heard about the price being $475. I just can’t see how Microsoft can justify a higher price for a console that’s been out for a year and has some pretty bad hardware faults as far as I can tell. I mean the fact that they didn’t just bring in the black edition as either a limited edition version until all the premiums get the hdmi and 120gb hdd or adjust the white to the same price with the same features to give people a colour choice.

I was hoping personally for this to come out and replace the premium as the top system which would allow me to pick up a premium at a reduced cost. But instead they haven’t lowered any prices (which really makes me not want one) plus they’ve added hdmi when they’ve said before that component is fine pretty much. To me personally I don’t see the point in HDMI right now when you can get 1080P out of component anyway, plus I would never fill a 20GB HDD so to give me a 120 one is pretty pointless. I guess you can rip game disks to it which would be nice for backing up games etc but other than that I don’t see any need for it. I mean why would you put your media on it when you can just stream it to the xbox or use an apple tv or something?

The biggest thing that this announcement has made me realise is that Microsoft really don’t know what they’re doing. The problem with the Elite is that it’s really telling people “go and buy a PS3 because we’re not interesed in keeping our prices low to threaten them”. I think HDMI is a good thing to add in, but by charging more for it and a black paint job and still no damn wi-fi when they could have lowered the cost to what the premium is now since they are making a profit on each premium sold now.

Because they haven’t lowered any prices yet they face the possible comparisons between the Elite + HD DVD ad-on + Xbox Live subscription + wi-fi adapter which vs premium PS3 which the Xbox doesn’t come out well at. They can’t afford people to start thinking the PS3 isn’t such a bad deal after all, especially seing as Blu-ray appears to be selling pretty well at the moment.

In the last few weeks Sony seem to have soaked up the negative criticism and have somehow been able to turn the situation around in their favour. First there was home announced which is going to be cool, then there was folding@home which can really help cure diseases which is a great use of the PS3’s power, then the news that blu-ray discs are selling well. As far as games the situation isn’t fantastic by any means with the loss of exclusives etc, but there are a few I would play if I was to get one at some stage.

Also this is my personal opinion but despite the fact that my PS2 isn’t working as well as it should, I’m still more confident in the Sony’s engineering being superior and that I would be getting a product that would be reliable and is worth the money you pay.

In conclusion I’d say that I think Microsoft have really let their advantage slip by not lowering the prices of the core or premium systems and that if I were in charge I would have done this a bit differently.