PS3 release and Xbox 360 Elite

It’s felt like ages since the PS3 launched in the US and Japan but now it’s finally here in the UK and Europe. It’s actually widely available straight away and didn’t sell out. I think most people were predicting that to happen but you never can tell seeing as Sony have a great fan-base over here for gaming, or so they did if today was anything to go by.

The updated 360 in black is pretty much confirmed at this point and according to engadget and others, it will come out sometime in April, have HDMI, a 120gb hdd and be limited in quantity meaning that when these more expensive black versions sell out, all the premium systems will start to ship with hdml and the larger hdd (and hopefully stay at the same price). They may go as far as to put hdmi in the core edition but I think instead what they’ll do is replace the core system with the non-hdmi premium at the lower price point with the 20gb hdd.

Xbox 360 Elite

I do want to get one of these consoles at some point in the next year or so but I can’t really chose. I’ve posted about this many times before but the circumstances keep changing. I think blu-ray is the real deciding factor between the two machines and my inability to self-declare blu-ray the winner prematurely. At this point I would probably go for a reduced price premium with component but I guess if we were to get an HD TV soon I might want to get HDMI instead.

Of course home is launching for PS3 later this year and is great, but like I said before it’s not going to be a system seller on it’s own and needs to be backed up by some great games which are lacking at this point.

Another thing to take into consideration is the Xbox hardware and the fact that it has been known to brick pretty frequently. Sony have a good reputation for making quality products so I would probably feel more comfortable with the PS3 as far as reliability issues go.

I was just listening to the engadget podcast earlier where the guys were discussing the Xbox Elite and the PS3 and mentioned the fact that even the elite won’t have wi-fi which they said is pretty dumb considering most people don’t have ethernet in their homes. I couldn’t agree more, this is why I bought a router in the first place, to get away from the problem of how to connect devices together at home.

I just can’t understand how Microsoft can think that wi-fi isn’t an important enough component to just shove it in there. How much would it have cost them to just put a wi-fi adapter in there? I doubt very much and what’s the deal with charging £60 for an adapter? I bought a linksys one for about £16 a year ago so I don’t know how they came to that price. As far as I see it, I would be paying £100 on top of the price of the console to play online due to the cost of Xbox live (£40) as well as the wi-fi adapter. In this department I’d much rather just pay the outright cost for the PS3 and get wi-fi built in.

I think I’ve confused myself more in this post with points for and against both systems. I guess we’ll just see what happens with wi-fi, blu-ray and hdmi in the near future and see what happens.