What's the point of tinyurl?

I wouldn’t have been able to really give a good answer to the question “What’s the point of” up until now, but if I am ever asked it (which I probably won’t), I’ll say: “To link to stuff in twitter posts!”.

It’s true because my last couple of updates on twitter (posting on the site) I’ve had to rephrase my post to fit it in. If I were posting a link I would definitely use tinyurl because generally the links people want to post are articles on sites where the article has a ridiculously long url.

I really only posted this because I can’t seemingly go to the twitter public timeline without seeing a tinyurl in one of the posts. The BBC even seem to be doing it, assuming the tweets from the BBC I keep seeing on the front page really are them which they probably are or that account would have been banned by now.