Blogging from Mars

Now that MarsEdit has been taken over by red sweater software from newsgator and the guy who originally developed it I decided to give it a try. Up until now I’ve been either using flock which I stopped using for a while and just used the wordpress admin panel. I have the upgraded tiger style admin panel found at Now that you can buy with paypal (I couldn’t pay before because I’ve not yet got round to applying for a credit card, and they don’t take my debit card on the newsgator site, hence why I have the lite version of netnewswire) I decided to buy it. Considering it costs only about £14 it’s not exactly a risky purchase and I always like to give back to the people making great mac software.

Flock definitely is a great free tool but I always ended up with issues with the post when I hit publish which meant that I almost always had to do some editing in the wp admin to sort out paragraph break problems where it would merge two blocks together. Sometimes trying to fix that problem resulted in another one replacing it which could get very frustrating after a while.

I use netnewswire lite for my feeds and it is one of my core apps. When I turn on my mac each day it’s there with itunes, thunderbird and firefox. On the browser side I’ve been trying to use Safari more but every time I do I always find myself drifting back to FF because it feels better to me. In reality the real reason I use firefox is I just miss the wikipedia search box not being there in safari. You may say that’s nothing but I use it so frequently it’s really useful to have it there. Also, seeing as I use Google as my homepage why do I need a google search box? Doesn’t work. I’m also getting more into apple mail after shunning it initially when I first got the macbook, instead going with thunderbird. I don’t think I’m ready to change my main email account over to it but I do use my other one in apple mail so I’m at least giving it some use.

I do have flock and have been a longtime supporter but for me now I just prefer to have the individual apps running well than have everything meshed in together. I’m also realizing now that I used to feel the opposite about this but I’ve since partly changed my mind. I love flock and I’ve seen where they’re going in the testing builds which include myspace blogging and other main features integration as well as youtube video viewing and embedding ability to add to the current flickr functionality. All of this is great. But heres the problem.

With flock I feel scared to import my delicious bookmarks. A couple of times before I’ve lost my delicious bookmarks due to a mistake I made with syncing with two computers. I had a backup but it was still a painful hour fixing the mess. By using the delicious buttons extension in firefox I feel 100% safe about not losing any of my favourites and I like the simplicity of that approach more.

Apart from the bookmarks I really don’t have any real issues with flock. The feed reading is exceptional, especially when you consider this is free, open source software. The flickr integration is great and I still use it as my flickr uploader when I do actually get round to getting anything to upload. Plus all the new stuff they are going to have in the new version is pretty exciting. There’s no doubt in my mind that if I was on windows at this point for my main machine, I would be using flock for pretty much everything except bookmarks because it is to me at least the best browser (gecko / firefox), the best look of any browser, the best windows feed reader, the best flickr integration, plus of course the best instant search in a browser currently. There’s probably something else I’m missing but you get the picture.

Back to MarsEdit, and so far writing this post and generally playing around with it it feels great. Last time I played with the demo version I remember being impressed but I always wondered a bit about whether or not it was worth purchasing. I think now it certainly does, especially for the price. It is a well made, really enjoyable to use piece of software, plus it has a great icon, and after all that’s what really sways peoples decisions to buy or not. I remember reading a post in the flickr mac forums on the topic of your mac feed reader of choice. Someone said netnewswire over newsfire just because of the icon. Just for the record I have played around with the newsfire demo and it’s really not for me. I just can get around NNW much easier.