Virgin vs Sky part 2

Well the Sky channels are now gone from Virgin TV and no doubt they are losing a fair few customers because of it. Having the audacity to rename sky news sky snooze probably didn’t help because I’m sure there are a few peoplec who don’t appreciate their attempted humour.

Personally I’m supporting Virgin but it would be nice for us to recieve some more channels to replace what we lost with sky one and news. We have already recieved paramount comedy 1, vh1 and hallmark but these channels (despite the fact that I like south park on paramount) don’t fill the void left by sky one but it definitely helps. When Virgin Central (the on demand channel) becomes better and gets new shows like lost (which they say they will have all three seasons of soon), I can definintely see it becoming a replacement for Sky One.

The problem with these type of on demand channels is that I don’t think people are generally ready to switch their viewing habits despite the fact that they can watch without ads whenever they want. People are used to switching to a channel at the time it starts to watch it normally. I think a good next step for virgin central would be to actually have shows running all the time with the option to view any other of the shows currently available. Especially when they are showing the premiere of a new episode of a show so that people still have that feeling of being first to see a show rather than having the feeling of being too late.

So who’s got the better of the current situation? I would say it’s probably going in Sky’s favour right now considering that they are probably picking up a considerable number of impatient Virgin subscribers. However Sky are losing a considerable amount in lost advertising revenue so it’s not just Virgin feeling the effects of this row.