Some new smartphones released

BlackBerry 8800

I’m liking some of the new stuff released today by RIM and others. The new BlackBerry 8800 looks really nice. Although I wouldn’t buy one over an iPhone because it lacks a lot of the stuff I want, it’s still easily the best looking full qwerty keyboard equipped blackberry so far, learning from the pearl in many design aspects including most notably the “pearl” trackball.

Motorola and Nokia back both released new smartphones. Motorola has two new versions of the Q and Nokia have released a new member of the E series. I don’t know much about the E series but the Q is now going to be available worldwide and not just in the US and Canada. As I said there are two new versions of the Q. One looks exactly like the old one but now has HSDPA, and the other has had a visual redesign to look like a wider slvr phone. This version has quad band gsm and EDGE which isn’t 3G which is dissapointing as I’d really like the new look version with this, but also because I don’t think the 3G one is coming out in the UK, although I might be wrong.

Moto Qs

I probably wouldn’t pay the money for any of these phones but I do like the design of the Q and the BB 8800. The things that would put me off would be poor integration with OSX, lack of wi-fi or 3G, a media player I can’t get much use out of among other things.

I’m not being an Apple fanboy but the iPhone really does do everything I want. I’m probably not going to get one of those either but if I was to go the smartphone route sometime soon I’d go with the iPhone over anything else. However I could be tempted by a cool new tytn like model or the follow up to the dash from HTC, or maybe something from Samsung or Sony Ericsson. The problem is, as cool as those phones are, the probably won’t have as nicer interfaces or design as what Apple will come up with in the future.