No Apple announcment?

There wasn’t an Apple ad at the super bowl but I’m still being cautious because you never know what might be on in the morning.

Anyway, I wathed parts of the super bowl and I have to say it’s pretty exciting. Knowing nothing about American Football put me in the same position I was in when I watched the world series, although I know more about baseball than football. Aside from the game, of which I thought the bits I watched were good, I was a bit dissapointed to not hear anything from Apple regarding The Beatles, but the godaddy ad was predictably fun and it was a bonus to see Alex and Kevin there with Candice Michelle and Bob Parsons himself.

I guess the fact that we didn’t hear anything from Apple today and with the impending release of Leopard, they have to be planning another event in the near future I’m sure. Whether it’s this month or later in march or april we’ll have to wait and see but I’m really trying to not buy a new iPod. I really could use a 30gb video one now as I’m having problems fitting all my content on there. I have enough space (barely) but it’s hard to get itunes to listen to you when you say to only put one episode of each podcast on there. It keeps putting all of them on and then telling me I don’t have the space. However I’m still waiting for the 6G widescreen iPod.

I’ve since sort-of-solved the problem by manually updating music and auto-updating podcasts although I say sort of because I still get random errors which don’t mean anything. Like I said I’m really tempted by the video iPod but I’m waiting for the iPhone-like widescreen touch version they have to release at some stage this year. I’m hoping sooner rather than later but seing as the iPhone isn’t out until June in the US and sometime late 07 over here I’m hoping they’re willing to possibly sacrifice some iPhone sales to make way for the hugely anticipated touch iPod standalone with more than 8gb of space.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot but well done Colts.