It's Vista Time

Vista Flip 3D

So Windows Vista is finally released to way too much hype. As much as I appreciate Bill Gates and his charity work, I just don’t feel the same way about what Microsoft have done with Vista.

It’s just so over hyped for a product that takes almost everything tiger does and just adds in a glass effect. Mac fans are annoyingly stereotypically known to bash microsoft non-stop and stick up for their OS. I’m not doing that, or at least not without good reason in my mind. This is my opinion on Vista trying to be as unbiased as I can. I just can’t help looking at Windows Photo Gallery and seing iPhoto.

One of the things really pisses me off about Vista is how bad the sidebar is and how useless the Flip 3D tool is. So firstly it wastes system recources just like everything else Vista does (aka pointless animated desktops). Plus Expose on tiger is so much more useful. I imagine using flip 3d you could miss the window you want and end up going through twice or even three times before you find it. I know this is what I would do. It doesn’t look very good for speed or accuracy, nor I’m guessing for moving files from one window or app to another. Expose on the other hand is easy because you don’t have to keep flipping through the windows, they’re just all there at once. You can find the one you want quickly and if you’re currently dragging a file you can hold the mouse over the window and wait a second for it to scale back to it, then drop the file into that window. Of course if you’re not dropping a file you can just click the window which is super easy and has a pretty nice look to it too.

It’s really just depressing to see Apple work so hard on their hardware and software, push them out at lower prices to compete better and then have Microsoft come along with the same technology, but not as well implemented and almost certainly retain the same status and share that XP has currently. Plus Apple still can’t seem to shift the feeling among long time haters of being overpriced and under-compatibe. If you want to see what people are saying about the macs, take a look at reviews. I’m pretty sure every mac model is at the top of their category. MacBook / Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and the Mac Pro.

The work Apple does should be getting them to a place around 25% market share globally or at least in the US with the worldwide figures around 20%. When you consider that Apple is a hardware company and not a software one I think it’s a good idea to compare them instead of Microsoft to companies more along the lines of Dell or HP who are both around 30% market share. One of the problems Apple has always faced is that as they make their own hardware, they are limited in their marketshare because everyone else who makes hardware sells it bundled with windows. Therefore they will never beat microsoft as long as they are a pure hardware company. That’s fine though and simply means that they should instead be turning their attention to capturing the title as the top hardware company which Dell and HP are fighting for at the moment.

Another of the problems is that Mac is seen more as a cult which definitely holds the platform down. Admittedly I am a fan but I try to not go over the top and remember that the reason I buy their stuff is because they really do make the best hardware and software available. If people just start to treat mac as just a platform like windows and not jump down the throats of anyone who slightly criticises it then it will gather more and more mainstream popularity. Steve Wozniak has mentioned in an interview that he dislikes the cult of mac, so everyone should start to listen to him.

I was thinking of upgrading to Vista about a year ago before it got pushed back another 7 months but that was before Apple brought out the MacBook and I decided to finally take the plunge and buy a Mac, the best move I could have made. At this point however I’m not planning on buying Vista for the reasons above, plus I’m not even sure if my PC of less than 2 years with 2 gigs of ram and athlon 64 chip is good enough to run it, mainly because of the graphics card I have in it which I’m not really interested in upgrading. I know our family PC isn’t good enough because it’s 3 years old and has 512 of ram and a similar 128mb geforce 4 card inside.

Anyway, all Apple need to do is allow the running of windows apps in leopard without bootcamp or parrallels (for windows games) and I’m sold on Leopard. I’m not sure if I’ll buy Leopard if it doesn’t have that yet. I’m just waiting to see if there’s anything new and exciting we havn’t been told about yet. If nothing major I’ll probably wait until I buy a new mac to get the new version. better yet though as far as windows games go, why don’t more developers do what Blizzard does and provide mac and pc versions in the box like they do with WOW.