New UK Apple Ads

UK Mac ads

I’m not sure what to say. On the one hand, anything that helps to raise the popularity of the Mac in this country has to be a good thing. But on the other, when Engadget used the the words smashing, tomfoolery etc in their post about the ads, I just felt embarrased to be British.

On one of the dupes of this story submitted to digg, some guy said in this one the Mac is even more arrogent than Justin Long is in the US ones. I don’t really think of it like that since the whole point of the ads is to make the mac look better than the pc.

I really hate all that over the top British stuff and as much as I like a couple of the new ads (office at home is good), the rest are the same as the US ones which are funnier. After being so used to John Hodgeman and Justin Long for all this time as the Mac and PC, it’s hard to get used to two British comedians playing the roles here.

Please stop with the British stereotypes and words I and pretty much everyone else never say. I think I want to move to San Francisco or something.