PS3 UK launch details announced….


Wow is all I can say really. I mean I knew £425 was going to be the price for the premium system which is about $200 more than the US price. What I didn’t know however was that they wouldn’t even release the 20gb system here at launch. They also announced today that it will in fact be coming out in March, not April, on the 23rd of the month. It’s not April but it’s not exactly far away from it.

So for people who want a PS3 on launch, they’re going to have to somehow deal with the following difficult to digest facts.

  1. It’s coming out 4 months later than in the US and Japan
  2. We pay more for the system despite it’s lateness
  3. There will only be 1 million systems for the entire continent
  4. The 20gb base version won’t be out for a while
  5. There aren’t any real must have games yet (resistance isn’t as good as gears)

Before all that annoyed me about the PS3 was the price, blu-ray, not having wi-fi or a card reader in the basic version (the wii has both and it costs half the price) but now I’ve got a few more reasons not to go for one. I honestly don’t have a hatred for Sony. I think sony TVs are the best, I’ve had a PS1 and 2, plus a walkman, portable CD player and a Hi-Fi. However, I think maybe the rootkits, their poor MP3 players, not that great online music store, blu-ray and all the PS3 stuff has just combined to give me an overall negative feeling towards them. I’d still buy a Sony TV though.

Back to gaming. Recently I’ve really been getting interested in the 360. I totally agree with how Microsoft has approached it and dealt with the PS3. I think providing HD DVD as an added option is brilliant and gives real piece of mind if you want to game but don’t want to commit to an HD format at this stage, or aren’t interested at all.

Then there are some really great games out now and on their way. These include Gears of War, Rainbow 6 Vegas, Mass Effect not forgetting Halo 3. With a price drop surely in the near future to bring the total cost of the system and HD DVD drive to a more competitive level with the PS3, (when you add in the wi-fi adapter and xbox live subscription it does get a little more expensive than the PS3) I can definintely see myself purchasing one. I might not because I’m really a Nintendo fan and I’m loving the Wii, but if I was thinking of getting into HD gaming I know where my money would be going at this point.