Beatles on iTunes and widescreen iPod at superbowl?

“Merlin Mann suggested that their may be a new Beatles edition iPod similar to the U2 iPod …but with a widescreen and touch features like the iPhone. Leo Laporte ‘predicted’ this same idea again on the latest edition of Geekbrief TV.”

I’m interested in this but to be honest I think it would be better for Apple if they just release the Beatles on iTunes and not release any new iPod soon. It seems likely that they will release a widescreen touch iPod sometime this year seing as they’ve already proven they have the technology available to them because it’s all in the iPhone. The problem is if they release a video iPod before June then it’s pretty much iPhone suicide in my opinion. Also if they start with just a special edition, although that would fit in well with the Beatles coming to iTunes and would also not take away from iPhone sales as much as a standard widescreen iPod would, I don’t think Apple should take a risk in possibly making the iPhone come out and be considered old technology.

You could argue that as long as people are buying Apple products then who cares which one they buy. As long as they don’t buy from another company instead then I’m sure they wouldn’t mind too much, although it may hinder their ambition of selling 10 million iPhones in the year and a half.

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