The devil wears Prada

LG Prada

There’s been talk about the iPhone being exactly the same as the LG KE850. I like the LG phone and I can understand why people think they’re the same. I don’t doubt it looks pretty similar to the iPhone because it clearly is. However, if I was going to buy one I wouldn’t even think twice before going for the iPhone if someone offered me either one.

The reasoning behind that decision is pretty simple. I’ll start with the fact that it’s an Apple phone, therefore it’s finally a device with absolutely seamless integration with OSX which I’m sure the LG won’t do, or at least no where near as well. The LG comes with a pitiful amount of memory and I don’t really want to mess around with mini or micro sd cards if I can avoid it. Obviously if the iPhone was expandable that would be great but it’s not a huge problem that the first gen version doesn’t.

I would assume that despite how good LG can make an mp3 or video player, I’m almost certain that it simply won’t match up to the full video iPod that the iPhone integrates as part of it’s package. I just don’t see the interface or the features really coming together in this device in the same way as the iPhone.

The look of the phones also goes in favour of the iPhone for me. The Prada looks nice but for me I just like the look of the iPhone more. I feel like if you’re going to make a touchscreen phone, why put the talk and end keys as actual keys rather than just integrating them into the touch screen like the iPhone. It just ruins the whole simple look of the phone in my view.

Finally, the names. How can you argue with the name iPhone, I mean it’s apple we’re talking about here. iPhone just fits and sounds right, unless you’re cisco. The Prada on the other hand. Well I’ll start by saying I really don’t like fashion. It’s just not my thing, so for them to call this the Prada and team up with them on the project really doesn’t interest me in the slightest. It actually puts me off it big time. Even if they did call it the KE850 I still wouldn’t be interested but it’s not cool that one of my favourite manufacturers are teaming up with a fashion label to probably over charge for the device because people who like prada will buy it.