Paul Thurrott Confirms New Xbox 360 Coming Late 2007


“In a new edition of “Windows Weekly”, Paul Thurrott says that a new version of the Xbox 360 will be coming in late 2007 and that only the new 360 will have the ability to use IPTV. In addition to a new Xbox, Paul states a larger hardrive is in the works (28:00)” – submitter on digg.

What can I say about this, We all expected to hear something at some point soon about the xbox upgrade with iptv, larger hd and an hdmi port but it’s definitely a big blow to current owners of the system if this proves to be true and you will need a new xbox to use the tv function rather than just downloading a firmware update.

The fact that it is likely to come out in late 07 is an indication to me at least that microsoft are planning a price drop for the system soon. This would probably be a better way of doing the upgrade because then when they do introduce the new version, they won’t be able to go back up to a higher price due to the fact that people will oppose it and maybe just buy a PS3.

I guess it’s still possible that they won’t lower the price of the current hardware at all so they can release the new version at the same price point. Seing as the console is already competitive with the PS3’s price point and also considering that fact that sony won’t be able to lower their price for a long time I could understand if they feel they are selling well enough to avoid a price drop at this time.

What they do will probably affect when a lot of people buy the machine, inlcuding me, if I ever get into it enough, (aka when halo 3 comes out and they start bundling the machine with it and gears of war). I think if the price stays the same until the new one is launched then they will keep selling steadily or possibly lose sales depending on how many people know about the new version and are waiting for it. However if the price does drop in the next couple of months I think that they will get a good number of customers buying the system. I could understand this because I personally don’t care about iptv and as much as I’d really like hdmi it’s not essential for me. Even the bigger hdd isn’t something I’d really care about because I probably wouldn’t even be able to fill the 20gb because I have no use for it really.

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