Cisco sues Apple over iPhone name… and fanboyism

I don’t know why I’m even blogging about this but I’m here anyway. I am an Apple fanboy to an extent, and the problem with that is you open yourself up to being attacked by people who hate apple and the iPod.

I’m very aware that Apple deserve this 100% for not complying with Cisco straight away if they wanted to use the iPhone name THAT much. The funny thing is that they could have just called it apple phone, ipod phone or anything else and nothing would have happened.

They also deserve it for suing people who’s company or product name’s had pod in them. Those are the times when you hate being loyal to a company, when they do things that you hate. When you want to like everything a company does but they do unpopular things.

Moving onto fanboy / girlism and how that is especially bad in Apple. It’s obviously great for Apple because if people love the brand they will keep buying from them, which is great for them in having a certain number of constant guarunteed customers.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a hardcore apple fanboy. I do have 2 iPods and a macbook but the first ipod mini was bought back a few years ago, two years before I got my first mac. Up until that point I was a windows guy, be it not by choice, but I didn’t see any other alternative. This was until the MacBook came out and I just thought what’s the worst that could happen with this? I want to see Apple do well because they make great stuff. However, I wouldn’t buy a sub-par product for an inflated price just for an Apple logo on it.

At CES for example, I’ve been really impressed by the new products from a variety of manufacturers. iriver especially really impress me with both their shuffle sized player with a screen and more memory and their clix 2 which looks really nice. They look nice but what I’m really waiting for is the iPod widescreen video with about 40gb of storage. Not because I’m an apple fanboy but because I believe that they are the best portable media players around.

I’m past the stage now of saying microsoft just copy apple and don’t innovate (although it’s not exactly far from reality if you’ve seen vista’s features). I don’t hate vista and I would gladly buy an alienware, vaio or lenovo thinkpad if I enjoyed using them more than my macbook. I don’t hate other music services other than itunes. I have used and intend to use emusic again soon. I think they have a great service and I applaud their software being mac compatible.

I’ve been considering a new phone from motorola or samsung, and I’ve even thought of an Xbox 360. Although I probably won’t buy one until it has HDMI, a bigger HD and comes in a cheap bundle package with halo 3 and gears of war. Plus we need a new TV and the prices for 1080p sets runs into £2000 plus so it probably won’t be very soon.
If you’re wondering what made me turn this post into a rambling about fanboyism, it was the comments of a few apple haters on the engadget post about cisco suing apple. Like I said at the top, I think apple deserve it for being late with the settlement over the name (assuming they havn’t missed it by mistake or something). However, what got me was where people bring up the mac culture and the tv ads which to some people enflame this issue more. This can’t be an issue for much longer as the mac user base grows to a significant number.