My MacWorld Predictions

It’s interesting to speculate about what Steve Jobs could surprise everyone with tomorrow. I’m going to give my picks for the keynote and we’ll see how well I do.

  • 12 inch macbook pro ultraportable
  • 8 core mac pro
  • New ipod, possibly widescreen but certainly at least an updated 5.5 gen with 100gb. Maybe bluetooth and or wi-fi integration for wireless headphones and other functions.
  • iTV released (hopefully without that name). I’d like the name Airport TV or something of that nature.
  • New movie studios added to US movie store, movies added to UK store and other international itunes stores.
  • Leopard update, possibly a new interface design, release date announced. They might surprise everyone and try to release it before or at the same time as vista.
  • Possible mac mini update but probably not.
  • Update to airport with 802.11n
  • I don’t think the Apple phone will make an appearance at macworld.
  • iLife 07 is almost a certainty
  • iSight update, either built into new monitors or standalone one.
  • Lower cost cinema displays. 20 inch version price coming down inline with other similar monitors.