The Most Hated Comment on Digg

I have to say the guy who commented with his site after his name was a bit of a dumbass to not expect anyone to take offense. Maybe not so much because of what he said but more because of the way his site looks. I mean it’s probably the worst colour scheme I’ve ever seen. More importantly however and the thing that probably annoyed more people were his subtitle comments at the top of his blog. The worst being “ – every morning upon awakening, i experience a supreme pleasure: that of being chandler kent”. Closely followed by “iPod therefore iAm”.

Anyway, the fact is that this is nothing in comparisson with the sheer uncaring attitude shown by one user in the comments for the story “James Kim Body found“. The guy said in response to someone saying this is unbelievable “what is? that somone went missing and ended up dying? happens every day I dont see why this guy is so special. well, at least we wont have to read about his missing updates on digg every 5 minutes now lol.” How can anyone say lol at a time like that? How heartless can you be even if you don’t know the person in question?

So in Conclusion, digg that story down not ChandlerKent’s one. As funny as it is, there are more important things to make sure keep that record. Just change your site design Chandler.

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