Console war – The pros and cons

There are many places online where you can find comparisons between the three consoles. However, I feel like despite this, there have been none that I’ve found that really go into it in enough depth. Therefore here’s my own pros and cons list I came up with when I felt like I needed a way to find out conclusively which is the best for me. This is mainly to pit the Xbox and the PS3 against each other because of the fact that I’m already a Wii owner. I just feel as if there’s a need to come to a final verdict on the wars.

Xbox 360


  • Gears of war, Halo 3 and some other good games
  • no built in blu-ray or hd-dvd – external drive available but not forced to purchase


  • no free online play
  • not that many games I would enjoy playing (although more than PS3)
  • no wi-fi built into either core or premium versions, adapter is expensive.
  • connectivity with networked pc’s not mac compatibe.
  • currently more expensive than PS3 premium when premium console is bought with HD DVD drive. Despite being more expensive the console will not have wi-fi or a larger 60gb HDD.



  • final fantasy and some other good games
  • powerful and hd graphics
  • blu-ray drive (if blu-ray wins format war)
  • free online play


  • blu-ray (if blu-ray loses format war, plus I don’t want it anyway).
  • not that many games that are fun.
  • high price
  • core version doesn’t take sd cards or have built in wi-fi which both are included on the far cheaper wii.



  • low cost compared to the others
  • loads of great games
  • innovative controller
  • built in wi-fi
  • free online play
  • virtual console and internet browsing with the wii remote.
  • takes sd cards for game saves and virtual console games
  • can re-download VC games anytime for no cost.
  • opera web browser
  • fun to play


  • Not as good graphics as the other two (not HD)
  • Misses out on some good multiplatform games that appear on 360 and PS3.
  • Probably no final fantasy games from the main series, only spin-offs.


For me personally the Wii is the console of choice for several reasons. The price is a consideration, the fact that it’s so innovative is another. I struggle to find any real fault in it at all which is great. The only ones really are HD not being there which really isn’t that much of a big deal to many people, plus the fact that any final fantasy game on the system will likely be a spinoff from the main series. Then again, I’m not really a huge Final Fantasy fan anyway. I’m more interested in getting into it rather than being a long time player.

So, moving on from the Wii, the decision between the other two is almost impossible to call. As things stand right now the Xbox will be more expensive than the PS3 premium when you factor in the HD DVD player add-on, plus the fact tht to play online wirelessly you need the wi-fi adapter and an xbox live subscription. Then again the current games for the system swing me in favour of the 360. When you also factor in the likelyhood of a 360 price drop before march I’m starting to lean very much towards the 360. One final thing that encourages me about the 360 is the recent upgrade of the warrenty of the system to a full year rather than 3 months.

I don’t really think that final fantasy on the PS3 will really encourage me to use the system because I’m happy knowing that Square Enix have stated that they will support the PS3 less exlusively than they did the PS2.