Macworld keynote speculations

Obviously there have been many different blog posts and articles on more well known sites speculating about what Steve will unveil on Jan 9th at Macworld. The one I want to talk about really does sound so likely that I had to post it. In fact, it’s got me excited but also speculating myself. It’s more than likely that it’s been engineered to produce traffic for the site. It is also easy to be sceptical about the fact that many things in the list are either expected or rumoured, and therefore easy to predict things that are believable.

Here’s their list:

  • Introduction to audience members
  • Sales/Stores Numbers and Results
  • iTunes Store: Movies are introduced in UK (Disney movies), while 20th Century
  • Fox movies are added to US store.
  • iTV discussion. Stress that iTV is still the internal code-name and it will change by launch date.
  • The iTV is revised and is now taller, and includes an iPod dock at the back. At the back of the iTV unit there is a small gap of about an inch that has the dock connector inside. This is to ensure the iPod is connected securely. Browse files using iTV.
  • iTV will allow ANY files in iTunes to play on your TV.
  • Leopard: Explanation of features that were released in the seeds (Such as Resolution Independence and iChat Answering Machine).
  • Introduces new Black Cherry theme to replace Aqua. Discussion and Video.
  • Announces Both iTV and Leopard will be launched on Tuesday March 27th.
  • New Displays announced: HDMI and iSight built in. 17? is introduced. Jobs then announces that price is not compromised, even with the added iSight and HDMI. All displays are $75 more than previous generation.

Steve’s One More Thing…

New iPod is released. 3.5 Inch screen, Bluetooth. NOT a touch-screen. Controlled through invisible “touchstrip” on the top side of the iPod that corresponds to symbols that appear on the upper portion of the iPod screen. 30GB $300, 80GB $400

THERE IS NO “IPHONE” at this event.

Ok so that’s supposedly what will happen. As we all know Apple doesn’t like to spoil a good surprise so I have to say this is probably just fairly clever guesswork. I’m not going to dismiss it totally because it does seem very faesable to me that this will be along similar lines to what will happen at macworld.

Obviously these guys don’t think the Apple phone (almost said iPhone) will make an appearance at Macworld. They essentially say that they don’t think there is a phone or phones in the works if they don’t appear at Macworld. I wouldn’t say that. I believe that Apple are working on a phone but they either need more time to finish up the project or they want
What is for certain is that we will see leopard and iTV make their debuts. It’s also well noted that Apple will never pass up the opportunity to excite everyone with that “one more thing” this year just as any other before it.

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