Wii Review


I have recieved my Wii and now have a sore arm from all the baseball and tennis swinging, not to mention all the motions involved in super monkey ball mini games. Anyway, aside from that the console is everything I expected and more. I really like the size of it, the ability to have the wii remotes and nunchucks sitting on the couch and just being able to turn the console on and play without having to go over to it, unless you don’t want to play the game that’s already in the drive. I’m not saying I’m so lazy I can’t get up and turn something on because you have to expend energy while playing anyway. It’s just nice to not have to pull the console forward and make sure the controller cables will reach and just be able to get right into the game. It’s the same when turning off the machine which is equally nice.

Strangely even though I have Zelda and love it, I’ve hardly played it in comparison with the amount of time I’ve spent in wii sports. I sort of know that would be the case but the depth of the game is still surprising for something that is thought of by many as essentially a trainging game for “non-gamers”. The accuracy of the wii remote is astounding. In baseball when you’re batting you can move the remote slightly when waiting for the pitch just like in real life. Just moving a bat around isn’t that fun but it just makes the experience so much more engrossing than previous games in which you get a motion sensitive add on, usually golf games. Those games I wouldn’t play firstly because I don’t like golf enough, and secondly, it’s too complicated to be bothered with.

The speakers in the wii remotes are great too. You can adjust the volume of them which is nice if you’re playing at night and you don’t want to make a noise. Also, even though the noise them make is primitive, that doesn’t matter much because it still draws you into the game even more. From sword swipes in Zelda to the noises in the menu of super monkey ball when you move through items, it’s a great addition to the remotes.

There are so many upsides to the wii which cause me to encourage anyone to buy one. However, you may have noticed I havn’t mentioned anything about wiiconnect 24 and the download store etc. There’s a reason for that.

Like I said, the wii is a great console, but unluckily there seems to be a problem cropping up on some wii’s where when you first go to connect to wi-fi, you connect successfully and download a system update. This seems to go fine but then you can’t connect to the wi-fi again whatever you do with the settings. The wii will find the network ok but when you try to test the connection you will get the error code 110213 which essentially means, don’t bother trying to use this wii online again. Clearly I’m not that happy about this but right now there isn’t much you can do with the wii online anyway, except the weather channel or download columns (which I was planning to do as my parents were huge columns fans back when we had a mega drive), but it can wait. The wii browser beta is coming out friday so I’ll miss that but I’m hopeful I’ll get my wii fixed / replaced by Nintendo before online play starts and hopefuly in time to catch Zelda occarina of time when it hits the virtual console.

I would say don’t be put off by this problem because it’s rare and even if it does mess up, you’ve still got zelda and wii sports to play while you’re waiting for a fix, which isn’t exactly that bad I’m sure you’ll agree.

I just wanted to go over one more thing. I love how people say the wii is just a party console and not a serious contender. I also love seing Sony say that it’s just a gimmick and people will also buy a PS3. Now I agree completely that on the HD graphics and raw power side of things the wii isn’t a contender. People may very well buy a PS3 as well but to be honest I’d rather have a 360 based on the current lineup of games (gears of war) and the price. However, I don’t agree that it’s simply a gimmick and a party console. I guess they must have missed Zelda or metroid prime 3. Then theres probably the best driving game on any console right now, excite truck, super mario galaxy and splinter cell. These games don’t really belong to the party game genre as far as I’m concerned. They do have wii sports, wii play, mario party, warioware smooth moves and super monkey ball for that genre though which shows that they can cater to everyone, something the PS3 doesn’t do.

The possibility of Final Fantasy on the wii (one of the only games I would consider buying a PS3 for) just makes me stick with my choice even more firmly. Sony lose my respect for firstly releasing blu-ray in the firstplace and starting another avoidable format war. Then including the technology in every single console, leaving every PS3 owner stuffed if blu-ray goes on to lose to HD DVD which I hope it does for a variety of reasons, mainly price and difficulty of manufacture. Plus of course the name which people who know dvd will have no idea what it is, unlike HD DVD which has dvd in the name. I suppose I may end up with a PS3 at some point in the future, partly based on the fact that even with a blu-ray drive it is going to be about the same price as a PS2 at launch (the core version) plus hopefully wll have a price drop, but also based on whether or not the main series of final fantasy comes to wii or not, and whether or not there are enough other good games to tempt me to purchase one.