A new design to digg

Digg has undergone some overnight improvements and it’s looking pretty nice. I’m not sure if this is officially digg V4 or not but that’s not that important. They’ve added a whole load of new stuff. Navigation is the real main change as well as the addition of three categories. News and Video are now seperate, and along with these two, podcasts now have a section and are diggable by show and by episode which is great.

New digg design

I sort of miss the left side navigation and the fixed width style but other than that it’s looking cool. One final thing though. I feel like the swarm and stack buttons are a little harder to find now and I don’t really get having a list of the most popular stories in a side panel. I thought you can get them up when you want them anyway?

Cool new things you can do in the video and podcast sections include watching videos in a HUD inside digg. This only works however with sites that allow this function, aka: youtube and the other big video sites like google video. With podcasts you can stream them too in the page but they work in a different way. When I tried to do it for diggnation it played in a quicktime window in an ajax section of the page, not a popup with the rest of the page fading out to black as with the video section.

So overall I like it. I also like that Jinx have updated their site with an easier to find digg store with some new shirts, hats and hoodies. They’ve also updated the revision 3 store into one big store rather than separate stores for diggnation, ctrl alt chicken, system and the others.

Go and check it out for yourself: