Nintendo gets sued: the mess patents cause

Nintendo have recently been sued for an old patent by Interlink Electronics, a company that seems to specialise among other things in OEM remote controls. I honestly can’t see how the Wii Remote infringes what they do. The Wii Remote is a games controller, regardless of the fact that it has the word remote in the name. That’s all there is to it as far as I know. Unless someone invents a hack for the device, it’s not going to be controlling things in the same way as the interlink devices. Therefore I think that they have no business suing Nintendo.
I think that Interlink are just trying to take money off Nintendo and rain on their parade after a successful Wii launch (except the shortages in Europe which I’ll discuss later). They are only attracting bad press to themselves by going after Nintendo, and I doubt even if they win the case will it help their future in any way. This whole episode reminds me of what Creative did by suing Apple over the iPod interface infringing the zen interface. I don’t know when the Creative patent was filed in relation to the release of the first iPod to use that menu system so for all I know Creative could have copied the iPod in the first place and filed the patent in an attempt to take some cash off Apple in a settlement. Who knows.

What I do know is that in the world of business companies have to be ruthless in order to stay ahead. I just wish this wasn’t the case and we saw instead of underhand tactics and the suing culture these days, a war of prices and customer satisfaction percentages.