James Kim

I have to say I didn’t know james Kim before news broke that he and his family had gone missing. However, as soon as the news started to appear on diggnation and on, I learned he was a close friend of Kevin Rose who used to work alongside him in The Screen Savers of Tech TV. I looked him up and found out more about him and his role at CNET which I’ve never paid much attention to in the past which was a mistake. I watched episodes of the Crave video podcast in which he is extremely entertaining along with Veronica Belmont who he also worked with on the MP3 Insider podcast.

There are pictures I saw of James with his family around the web after their disappearance which show him to be a caring husband and father. All these factors made me keep track of every development.

In the end it wasn’t to be and James Kim died I think 5 days after leaving his family in their car to look for help. His family were rescued in good condition a couple of days before James was found. His efforts have been described as superhuman which I can only agree with when you consider how far he walked and the conditions in which he walked.

I just wish things could have gone differently. Either not have used the remote road, or at least James not leaving his family. Then again we know this now, James didn’t and he believed the best method was to leave his wife and children and look for help himself.

I have watched every video on the CNET TV tribute to him. I wish I had discovered James and his humor long before now, and I along with a huge number of others am going to miss watching him in The Crave and his first look product reviews.