You thought the DS just played games?

I know a lot of people know about the DS browser add-on. It’s a nice addition to the DS for the times where a laptop isn’t ideal. However, I’m not talking about that.

Nintendo are now close to launching a DS mp3 player in europe. Actually it’s not a DS addition only because it uses a GBA cartridge that fits in any GBA (GBA, SP, Micro) and the two DS versions.

It works by plugging an SD memory card (presumably mini or micro SD) into a slot on the side of the GBA sized cartridge before it slots into the gameboy / DS. One of the nice things about this is the fact that SD memory capacity is going up all the time it seems like, and while this is happening, the same thing is happening with price, only in reverse.

I think it’s safe to assume that DRM’d music won’t work (iTunes) unless you burn it to a cd and re-rip it to the system. The fact that you can just drag mp3’s onto the card means that it will work with most OS’s (Mac, Windows and possibly Linux if your distro can read SD cards). You will need an adapter to plug in whatever type of SD card it is. The card will typically slot into an SD sized adapter, and that will then go in either a built in memory card reader or a usb add-on style one like I have. I use mine to transfer pics from my phone over to my mac to import into iPhoto. I could use it to transfer mp3s to it too but I never do since I have a nano.

I’m not sure what Nintendo will be including in the pack, it may have an adapter or it may not. It may even be SD sized and therefore not require an adapter.

Going back to SD memory, one of the advantages of this is that you can upgrade the memory at any time, or you could carry muliple cards with you (as long as you don’t lose them). At the moment you can get 2GB cards with adaptors for around £40 which is pretty good. You can carry around 500 tracks on one so they will be enough for a lot of people.

The release date in Europe is set to the same day as the Wii launch, December 8th priced £20.