T-17 days to UK Wii launch, guy breaks TV with wiimote

Now that the US launch parties for the Wii and PS3 have come and gone, the focus turns to first the Japanese Wii launch, then finally the UK launch on December the 8th. Judging by the US launch, the Wii will be well recieved over here, possibly better due to the fact that Sony aren’t competing this Christmas and the 360 has already been out over a year so a lot of people will already own them.

Among all the positives in the news regarding the Wii, already there has been at least one negative. A guy who bought the Wii and was playing with it all night with his friend broke a TV with the remote while playing Wii sports bowling. The guy went to bowl the ball like he had done many times in the night up to that point. As he was doing so the remote slipped out of his hand. As anyone would have, he expected the strap to stop the remote from flying away but unfortunatly it broke and the remote smashed into the TV causing a large crack.

Broken TV and suspect remote

Now I have to say this is probably going to become commonplace. I’m not saying this guy is looking for a new TV from Nintendo but some people out there will be. People are speculating that he wasn’t wearing the strap and cut it after it broke, or maybe even broke it before he got the wii, then cut the remote when he got it to make it look like it’s Nintendo’s fault.

Then again, if he is telling the truth and he actually did wear the strap, then that’s fine, but how unlucky is that. I mean even if you did do the bowling motion too hard, what are the chances of the remote slipping out of your hand, the strap breaking and if it did break, the remote fly directly into the TV. I suppose as you play it more and more it becomes more and more likely but still not that probable.

This although it’s pretty amusing also makes me more wary of throwing the remote around too hard, and especially making sure I wear the strap when I get it (although in reality I probably won’t).