From the people who brought you the Xbox box….

I guess it’s really inevitable this would happen but some eBay seller has sold for $900 an item called 3 Sony Playstation Systems.

Now the person who bought it has 0 feedback and the name is a number so my guess is it was someone who is trying to take a bullet for someone else more gullible. If this is the case, the fraudster can expect his cheque in the mail as the saying goes.

The point of this wasn’t to laugh at some poor guy getting ripped off. I’m interested in laughing at the ordasity of the guy who sold it on eBay (and also his stupidity in that he had a score of 58 and 100% positive feedback for an account which will probably be shut down).

I really liked one of the digg comments which said “I feel for the poor guy who wanted 3 PSones who got outbid”.

Take a look at the eBay page here (although I’m not sure how long they keep these pages online).