T-7 hours to Wii launch

E3 2006 version of console

In 7 short hours from now, the Wii will launch in the US. I hope it does well against the PS3 and Xbox in the run-up to Christmas and the same goes when it launches over here on December the 8th, minus the PS3 for competition for another few months. I’m feeling confident about Nintendo’s chances this time round as I believe the Wii to be a far more enticing proposition for a far larger audience than the gamecube was. The GC really just catered for the most part to kids and people who grew up with mario and other Nintendo favourites. There’s no escaping that fact.

The Wii on the other hand not only looks a lot sleeker and generally cooler but also caters to a far larger audience. Nintendo have not only aimed themselves at their usual target market but also previous non-gamers and more serious gamers who would have previously gone with a PS2 or Xbox. Nintendo have made the games not only easier to play for the people who want them that way, but also more immersive than ever before for the people who want that.

When you factor in the cost of the system (half the cost of the core PS3) the Wii is guarunteed to succeed where the GC didn’t do much more than exist and lag behind the other two in sales by quite a margin.

It truly is a console that can be all things to all people.