Forbes says iPhone and 15 inch MacBook are coming

TAIPEI (XFN-ASIA) – Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd (2317.TW) has secured contracts from Apple Computer for 12 mln mobile handsets that also function as music players, the Commercial Times quoted industry sources as saying.

Apple will launch the mobile handsets in the first half of next year, the newspaper said, without providing financial details of the contract.

The daily also reported that Hon Hai won orders from Apple for its new 15-inch ‘MacBook’ personal computers which it will deliver starting next month or in January.

The Commercial Times, which also cited industry sources, did not provide the quantity or value of the MacBook contract.

Apple’s existing contracts with Asustek Computer Inc (2357.TW) for other MacBook models will not be affected by the new orders made to Hon Hai, according to the report.

Officials of both Hon Hai and Asustek declined comment, the daily said.

Hon Hai is the world’s leading manufacturing services provider for information technology devices.

Taiwan’s Hon Hai wins Apple orders for mobile handsets, notebook PCs – report –

We know how Apple like to keep secrets. But if they do they either havn’t been trying as hard recently, or it’s getting to the point where it’s almost impossible for them to keep anything secret no matter how hard they try now that there always seems to be some way of information leaking onto the net.

I have to take this as true because forbes are a pretty big site so I doubt they would publish unfounded rumours. I’m not really sure what my view on the iPhone is but I’m slightly sceptical of a 15 inch macbook. For me it would blur the difference between the consumer and pro laptop models too much. I mean the only difference I can spot between a 15 inch macbook and a 15 inch macbook pro is the difference in thickness which isn’t much at all, possibly a slightly faster processor and a bigger hdd. A difference in RAM is also likely but it can be upgraded pretty cheaply.

Anyway, I can see an advantage of a 15 inch macbook. Because of the similarity to the macbook pro there’s a pretty good chance we will see a significant price cut on the consumer models, especially the 13 inch macbook.