The console war heats up (again)

I don’t believe anyone who says they havn’t heard anything about the upcoming reheating of the console war with the imminant launch of the PS3 (although not here) and Wii in the US a month before the UK. Both US launches will be within two days of each other. PS3 first on the 17th, very closely followed by the Wii on the Sunday (19th).

Engadget have posted a picture of their nice console collection. I have to say the size of the Wii is very welcome and surprising despite the fact that I knew it was small. It’s only when you actually see it compared in this way to the competition it becomes clear how compact it is. Especially when you consider all the functionality it has such as gamecube controller and memory card slots, SD card slot, USB and Wi-Fi (which Sony can’t manage on their “core” machine.

Engadget have posted some pics and videos showing the Wii and the PS3 being unboxed and the Wii’s navigation system. Engadget along with IGN always seem to have everything covered perfectly.

It’s pretty re-assuring to know what to expect in the box when I hopefully get mine on launch day in the UK. The familiar red, white and yellow AV cables are good to see as I know how easy they are to use with modern TVs. My mind casts back to when we got the Gamecube on launch day and it was horrible to set up on our old TV which didn’t have an AV cycle function which meant you had to tune it in. When that TV packed up and we replaced it with a better one, I was shocked at how simple it was and how much time we could have saved.

I was also pleasently surprised by the size of the sensor bar. It’s tiny when I was expecting something much more long and bulky. The final thing would have to be the most insignificate thing of all. Batteries for the Wii-Remote included in the box. Now that’s good service. I would have probably got it to realise I had no batteries around.

Wii Unboxing video

Wii setup and menu features walkthrough

PS3 Japanese packaging unboxing (stills only).

I’ll keep posting my thoughts on what happens up to and post launch of both consoles, and where Microsoft and the 360 are left when the dust settles.