New MacBooks out now

With a Core 2 Duo 64bit chip it’s looking good, and, according to Apple, 25% better in performance. I’m a little sceptical of this as the MacBook pro has been clocked at around 19% percent faster instead of Apple’s quoted 39%. Nevertheless, I’m a big fan of this computer, and I’m only basing this on the first gen model and not the improved version which has hopefully eliminated the discolouration problems and has certainly solved the mooing sound and random shutdowns a minority of users were reporting.


Aside from the main defects some users were reporting, the first gen model was also criticised for the black macbook being more expensive than the white model with the same specs. This was despite the black casing cost apple no extra to manufacture. So it’s pretty cool now the blackbook’s price is in-line with the white macbook of the same spec. If you upgrade the RAM to 2gb and the hdd to 120gb on both models they work out the same cost. This is on the Apple store though, the only place I know of where you can buy a mac tailored to you’re specs for no extra labour cost.

So now if you’ve liked the black version and have held out on buying one because of the extra cost then now’s the time to get one.