Apple News Catch-up

I’ve been meaning to blog more but there are so many things to write about it’s just flown by and I’ve forgotten about it.

The number of iPod / Mac rumours means that I want to be more selective about which ones I blog about. However, to cut it short, recently it has been rumoured that Apple have signed a deal with Cingular almost certainly regarding an iPhone.

Apple have also perhaps given away the release of the touchscreen iPod in a PDF in their docs section of their site on the iPod. I’ll stay sceptical on this right now. It could easily have been photoshopped or if it is real, a strange, unlikely typo.

In other Apple news, they have released an update to Aperture and a demo version of the software which I’m contemplating taking for a spin. Finally, an 8GB version of the iPod product (RED) has been released. It looks good but I’m not sure if it’s $10 dollars from the price or more for the more expensive version. I’m starting to think though that maybe a better way to combat aids would be to just make more people aware that they can donate any amount they wish to.