Zune Marketplace Sucks

There’s no escaping it. I read on engadget earlier that Microsoft will very generously provide every Zune purchaser with a free 14 day pass to the service. In this time they can download all the music they want. The downside being that after the 14 days, unless you re-subscribe you’re not going to be able to play any of the tracks you downloaded.

How can this work? I mean who wants to pay a fixed monthly fee just to be able to play music you should already own. I much prefer the eMusic or iTunes ways of doing things where the music you buy is yours. Plus, in the case of eMusic which is subscription based, you can cancel the subscription any time and not be restricted to what music you purchased can be played.

Learn a lesson from the top two download services Microsoft and come up with something better.

Update: you can also download per track / per album on Zune Marketplace too. This is really the only option for most people. I’m sure not many people will like the proposition of not owning their music collection. Then again there may be other stipulations that prevent proper ownership. So check out the fine print before you buy anything when Zune launches soon.