Disco Beta out now!

Disco has now been released to the public. I downloaded it this morning and it looks pretty cool. I havn’t burned anything because I don’t need to right now but I had a play with dragging files into the app and moving through the menu’s. It’s really easy to use and looks great.

You get 3 test burns (same as AppZapper with 3 test zaps) before you have to buy. I would have bought straight away but I’m not sure what’s happening with upgrades. With AppZapper you buy and get free upgrades for life. In a recent Disco blog post they wrote something about free upgrades until the next major release. I guess that means it will probably last for a while before I would need to pay again if I wanted new features.

Either way, get your hands on the beta now, download it here.

Update: After finding out about the MacZOT! offer and testing out the CD-RW erasing and writing features I decided to purchase it. Partly motivated by the surprise MacZot are offering with the purchase of Disco, along with the chance to win a DVD burner which has the ability to etch a label in the disk while it’s burning. If you have a mac and either have toast and don’t like it, or don’t have any burning app, I urge you to make use of this offer.