Tech news roundup

Apple might be considering 15.4 inch macbooks for 2007. I can’t say I really approve of this. It would confuse the differences between the macbooks and the macbook pros too much and make purchasing a system more complicated. I think simplicity is one of the things that makes Apple so desirable, and something they should hold onto as much as possible.
Apple have also extended their patent on a multi-featured multimedia device with a touch screen to include more details and an image depicting a device (supposedly that iPod widescreen touch) with touch sensitive areas around the bezel of the screen that do various things. This looks very interesting.

Thirdly, Microsoft has been heavily criticised by Acer who say that the new Vista Basic is a way for Microsoft to make more money by releasing a product no one wants, forcing a lot of people to instead reach for the premium offering which costs more. I’m not sure if Microsoft are trying to deliberatly screw people out of their money because of the fact that a lot of people will want to run vista on their current pc that may not be able to handle the premium versions’s graphics. I’ll give microsoft the benefit of the doubt on that one. I don’t understand however why they didn’t just offer one version for one price and just install the windows components that the pc in question can handle and leave out Aero.

Finally, the question is asked about whether or not Microsoft Office is doomed. I have to say a definitive yes to that question, but that is only dependant on the growth of Open Office. This article seems to focus on Google’s attempt to dethrone MS with Google Docs (Writely) and Spreadsheets. These are both great tools but the privacy issue is always going to be at the forefront with a non-desktop productivity tool like that. Open Office is definitely the way forward however as I don’t think normal families who want to do simple word processing things will want to pay for an Office License. In fact, people like this (anyone but business users) could just use the Google Docs service, as privacy isn’t likely to be an issue.

I hope to see the rise and rise of open source and free web-apps in the future.