Everyone can Disco on Monday!

Wow. We’ve had some pretty successful blog posts and news announcements in the past but I don’t think anything can possibly compare to the last few days. In 48 hours we have received and responded to nearly 2,000 emails and talked with countless journalists and tech media personalities. Likewise, MediaTemple might never forgive us for the complete reaming of their servers you guys gave them.

“The best viral marketing ever. Ever.”
-Leo Laporte on Macbreak Weekly

So, what’s next? Well, we’ve been taking into account the great feedback and bug reports and are readying up the next beta. At this point we think it’s clear that the demand is high enough to go ahead and make it public. That’s right, on Monday everyone will be able to download, try, and (if they want) purchase Disco for the introductory price.

Disco – The Fallout

The first few days of the beta for only people who have purchased Disco through MacZot! have been a great success for the guys at Disco. Therefore we can all look forward to the beta on Monday. I probably will buy it because it’s a really easy way to burn data and manage it once it’s been burnt. Mac at this time doesn’t have a very good built in Disk burning utility. Then again neither does Windows.