New MacBook pro's, but no new MacBooks yet

The new MacBook pro models look great. The same on the outside to the last ones but include those nice new Core 2 Duo chips in them. They’re now 64 bit, faster speeds and have more memory as standard (1gb up from 512) for the same prices.

MacBook Pro family

It looks like 64 bit, the small speed upgrade combined with the extra standard RAM make a big impact on these systems when they are now 39% faster in one simple upgrade.

It is slightly dissapointing to not see the new MacBooks launch at the same time as it’s Pro siblings but I guess this is how Apple launched the first generation of these two machines earlier this year. There was a substantial gap between the MacBook Pro and the MacBook replacing the iBook and the Powerbook 12″. I’m sure we will see them before Christmas though.