iTunes DRM cracked, but who cares?

According to BBC, the iTunes DRM Fairplay used to prevent people from playing their music on music players other than iPods and other computers / music software other than iTunes has been cracked.

I’ve lost the post I made several months ago regarding how to get around this problem so here goes.

iTunes music can be backed up to cd pretty easily. You create a playlist and drag an album downloaded off iTunes to it, then click burn disk. Once you have a burned disk of an album, that music is in audio cd format, not .aac files with DRM. Therefore you could delete the album with the DRM from from iTunes and then just import the CD you burnt. Now you will have the album you bought with no DRM whatsoever, the ability to play the music in other players like songbird or windows media player. Plus of course other mp3 players just by dragging them to the player once you plug it in. This will certainly work with windows explorer and probably with the finder too although I havn’t tried it.

I’m not sure exactly why Apple keeps maintaining that iTunes music only works on iPods when that isn’t the truth exactly. Steve Jobs has said in a recent interview that he thought the decision to block other players out was a good one. I’m not sure if they would be able to sell less iPods this way or not but I would have to guess that they would be selling well if the music was compatible with other players without ripping cd’s. People buy iPods because they are good, easy to use and look nice, not because they can listen to iTunes music on them.