Google launch customisable search engines

This is Google’s answer to the rollyourown search tool for the firefox search box.

Google, as part of it’s co-op project is offering the chance to create your own search engine. It’s very customisable and can range from the basic to much more complex.

You can embed a search box in your own site, or link to a homepage created for you by Google which doesn’t offer much in the way of customisation. If you do decide to be more creative you can embed the code on your site and also host the search too. You place the code in the page you want the results to appear in and set the options in the “look and feel” section of the control panel.

Ok, so that’s quite cool, but the coolest feature I think is the ability to set the sites you want to search. This is the real point to this tool and allows you to filter out however much you like. You can set to search the whole web but place any results from the sites you choose at the top, or you can choose to block out anything other than pages from the sites in your list.

You can allow people to contribute to your engine by adding sites to the list and also by blocking certain sites. Alternitively you could create one just for your private usage, setting it to only search through the sites you use the most.

For example, I set up my own customised search, named 3DGalaxy GO! which searches my favourite sites. These include my own blog, youtube, flickr, myspace,, odeo and probably the most useful site on the net, Wikipedia.