What makes a good homepage?

The other day I looked at both PageFlakes and NetVibes. They looked so similar it had me searching for any differences between them. Although there are some, they do the same thing and are suppost to be used as a homepage.

This got me thinking about what is the best site to use as a homepage. This isn’t really a question that can be answered because there is no real answer since everyone has their own taste (and a faster or slower connection). However, my thoughts on a good homepage are that it should be simplistic and not overload you with information in a cluttered environment (eg. Yahoo! and MSN) while also providing good content but not right in your face as soon as you open your browser. For example Google News is accessible easily from the front page whereas Yahoo news is displayed directly on the front page (along with even more clutter in the form flash ads).

Therefore my homepage for the last few years has for the most part been Google although I have experimented with others a couple of times. Google seems to be invincible to me as a homepage because of the fact that they have introduced personalised homepage via Google accounts (GMail).

Personlised home (which I usually turn off after using it to not clutter up the page next time I open firefox is like PageFlakes or NetVibes but with that added option of not having to use it all the time.

I guess if I didn’t use Google as my home the other alternatives would be Wikipedia, Yahoo search or Microsoft’s (both Google-esque simple pages). Or of course NetVibes or pageflakes which both offer some cool fast content adding features and also the ability to add tabs within browser tabs with even more content. does this but for some reason doesn’t. So in conclusion, I’ll always be drawn to the minimalistic style over anything else.

Finally though after hearing about Scrybe, a personal productivity tool incorporating loads of AJAX to create calendars, todo lists and much more. All this plus the fact that it seamlessly works offline and uploads any changes when you get connected again. You don’t even have to download anything to enable this feature which is unheard of for me at least. It promices to be a great tool so go and apply for access to the beta now.