Songbird starts chirping louder

Songbird has reached 0.2 and although it seems a long way from 1.0 don’t be fooled. The current release is a pretty big step from where it was when I last used it. Everything looks so much more polished and complete now. The library import seems to be smoother and the homepage looks nice. You can search a load of content sites including singingfish among others. You can search music stores such as eMusic easily and there are links to some of the more major stores (except iTunes) in a dedicated folder in the left nav / bookmarks section. There are other folders for links such as networking sites like, radio stations and more.

I think the main selling point for Songbird right now though is the ability to view a web playlist. This is a collection of files that appear at the bottom of the window. Every media embeded or linked to in the page you’re viewing is available to download. You can double click an item to download and view it instantly or drag it to your library to save it. This works with audio and video files. To test it I went to to see what would appear in the playlist. All the .mov files of the mac ads appeared. I downloaded one to the desktop and it played perfectly in quicktime.

It’s good and it even has feathers! (you can have a white skin instead of black) which is a nice touch. There are still some things this needs. Most notably support for MP3 players (iPod and others) and some other things I havn’t thought of yet.

Either way go and download it now (it’s cross platform and universal on Mac so there’s no reason not to try it).