Some cool Mac software

I’ve been spending some time testing out some new stuff and it’s pretty impressive.

Being an open source fan I was impressed when I started to use Seashore, a GIMP based image editing software for Mac only. It has been modified to look and act more like photoshop which is nice, and although doesn’t have the same tools as the gimp in some areas it still feels like a solid app. The best bit for me is not having to worry about losing the floating tools behind other windows because if you maximise the image window you’re working on, the tools stay in front whatever happens.

Another plus point of Seashore is that it is built in cocoa and doesn’t need X11 like GIMP does. This makes the app so much easier to use and understand for people who don’t know what X11 is (like me when I first tried running GIMP and hopefully can save them the time).

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Seashore develops. It was also nice to see that it was universal which is I guess not even an issue now seing as eveyone but a few (adobe) are publishing universal bineries. If either Seashore got a better magic wand and other tools that GIMP currently has or GIMP gets a better interface then that would be great but I’m pretty happy with the great stuff the open source community is producing right now.

Aside from Seashore, Tangerine caught my eye unexpectedly when I was heading to potion factory’s site to look at their other apps, Voice candy which I really like, and Podcast Maker which I like but personally can’t think of anything to do with it (though I can see why others would).

Tangerine is an app which scans your iTunes music library and finds out what the bit rates of each track are. Then you can create playlists to fit your mood. If you want to listen to some slow relaxing music you can, whereas if you’re feeling more pumped up and are up for something more full of life you can raise the slider and put on maybe some slipknot or sevendust.

I think this is a cool app and after using the beta I wouldn’t be surprised if this proves to be a winner for the guys at Potion Factory.

Finally as if that wasn’t enough, Disco comes out on Monday and I definitely think its an app that will also be a hit just like their last project AppZapper. These guys have a habit of making software that has a real use and that has to be respected. Maybe Apple should work with them more closely. More on Disco when the beta is out and I can have a play. Earlier today though they showed the icon for Disco. I like it but take a look for yourself.

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