Is Ma.gnolia

When there are many web 2.0 sites around that do pretty much exactly the same thing, which one do you choose to use? is arguably the best and most well known social bookmarking site. But what about Shadows and the newest contender (among other smaller rival services) ma.gnolia?
Delicious has got better over the time I’ve been a member and it looks like a polished service. I can favourite pages instantly with flock, then export my favourites to a file from delicious for backup. All with no problems and extrememly smoothly.

However good Delicious is, Magnolia really impresses me. I like their site design and content more than Delicious’s and their ability to import all of my delicious bookmarks is an added bonus. I guess I’m going to keep using delicious as my main favourites tool right now, mainly due to the fact that flock doesn’t currently support magnolia.

I guess I could use magnolia with firefox and delicious with flock but then there would be a problem where I’d have different favourites in different accounts so that’s not the best idea. Plus as things stand now, my bookmarks are secure and I don’t have to worry about losing any when I have a backup on magnolia and in an html file on my hard drive.

I would be presented with one of those if it’s not broken, do you fix it? situations if Flock did start to support Magnolia because of how well delicious works. I still think I’d just use Magnolia in the same was as I do now though and just copy over every new favourite to my account there.