Things are looking up for Europe

Microsoft and Sony have said they hope to release their respective products (Vista and PS3) in Europe with no more delays. Sony say that they are still on course to deliver their console in March and Microsoft have adjusted Vista to allow it to be approved for release here in the UK / Europe at the same time as the rest of the world in early 07. That’s pretty much all the news on Sony so on to Microsoft.

Vista has been heavily criticised by security software companies Mcafee and Symantec among others because it locks them out of the operating system so they can’t protect users. The only reason Microsoft made the change to allow them access you have to think is because otherwise they would have been prevented from releasing the OS here, or at the very least forced to pay huge fines.

To be honest if Vista is secure enough on it’s own then why allow them access. Although I don’t really want to see any companies go out of business as a result of this. So at least with this arrangement everyone appears to win in some way.

Who knows if this is the last twist in the tale or not but I hope it is.