iPhone confirmation?

Here and here.

Now if this does happen then it would be interesting what they would do with the iPods and how they would market the two lines of products.

Whatever happens this is another thing we can possibly look forward to early next year along with iTV, movie downloads world-wide, Leopard and probably Intel Core Quad Macs. Oh yeah and that iPod video touch that everyones talking about. I’m probably forgetting something too. The iPod video may not count along with the new MacBooks because they are being expected before Christmas. I’m not sure how likely the touch iPod is this year though.

Finally I saw a couple of really good photoshopped iPhones in the digg comments by a guy. Here they are.

This is the supposedly the lower spec non-video, possibly non-wi-fi version.

And this is the smart-phone model with wi-fi, email, qwerty keyboard and what looks to be a touch screen. I’m not sure if the specs in Apple’s patent mention a touch screen in either model but there’s no harm in hoping.