Disco Dissapoints (sort of)

After looking forward to Disco being released for a while now, they announced the other day that their special “one more thing” was burning effects produced while burning a disc.

I’m not saying these effects aren’t cool, but If there isn’t a way of turning them off then as a MacBook owner and therefore someone without “a proper graphics card” I’m guessing I won’t be able to run Disco on my Mac which would be a shame. I’m sure the app will still run but it would be a concern to put an extra load on the processor while doing something heavy like disc burning which already puts a strain on it.

Also to those people who say the MacBook has inadequite graphics I strongly dissagree. I suppose it will have a problem with 3D graphics intensive games but I didn’t buy it for that. It can do everything you would need from a normal computer apart from more than casual video creation and 3D graphics.