Sony's Problems

Sony are having a pretty bad time recently. For a couple reasons.

  1. They have had to delay the PS3 in Europe due to the time it takes to manufacture the blu-ray drives of the consoles. The delay may even be more than the four months previously thought and instead be around May, two extra months and a full 6 months after the system launches (with limited supplies) in the US and the rest of the world.
  2. The huge problems they are having with batteries they have made for laptops from a variety of manufacturers. Dell, Apple, Vaio, Toshiba and IBM have all been affected. Collectively these companies make a large percentage of the laptops sold around the world.

Its hard to know whether Sony will be hit too badly by the PS3 delay because of the fact that the playstation is so popular that people will buy it regardless of when it comes or what it costs. It is clear though that while they won’t have the PS3 on sale in Europe this Christmas shopping season they will be losing out big time to Microsoft and possibly Nintendo.

One thing that is for certain is the fact that the battery problems have affected Sony’s share price.

One more thing though. The only real difference between the standard PS3 and the premium version is the lack of wi-fi in the core system. This is unnaceptable as far as I can see. I don’t want to put a cable through the walls just to be able to play online, especially when the wii will be wireless and have internet access out of the box. This is surely another big mistake by Sony that they may end up regretting in a big way.