That’s the name a few people have come up with in the Digg comments. I would like to see Google buy YouTube. The reason being Google have so much bandwidth plus they have money to burn in a way. Also seing as Google pay MySpace and other sites huge amounts of money for the right to use their search and advertising on their sites, they can do the same with YouTube by aquiring it. Plus it won’t cost them much more for the priviledge than they already pay Myspace.

This will be good for everyone. having only text based advertising would be nice, making the site look nicer to look at (in a similar way to GMail).

The only thing I hope Google don’t do if they do go ahead and buy YouTube is change the name to anything else (especially GooTube). Although saying this, it wouldn’t be impossible to merge Google Video into YouTube. They could just re-direct people from Google Video to YouTube.

Google don’t have a history of rebranding their aquisitions. Writely for example didn’t become Google Writer so I don’t think anyone should be worried.