Sony make some of the best PC's

I’ve always thought of the best two non-mac computer makers as Sony and Alienware. Toshiba make some nice laptops but I still don’t think they get the style / design and performance mix right like Vaio and Alienware seem to.

The Sony L Series desktop looks great. It sort of reminds me of an iMac, mainly because it’s an all in one, not because they’re that similar otherwise (except the built in cam). But still, it’s one of the nicest and cleanest designs of any non-mac PC I’ve seen.

The new model has a Core 2 Duo engine and Blu-Ray with a handy remote (although it’s a lot bigger and clumsy looking than the Apple Remote). The wirelessness of it adds to the feeling of clean and in general this would be a nice addition to a desk in anyones home.

Sony are also updating it’s R Series desktop with a design that allows you to separate the “tower” into two sections thanks to a fast USB / PCI Express combo. The smaller of the two sections contains all the stuff that you need to insert things into while the larger box which doesn’t need to be touched and can be hidden away under the desk has all the main computing power, graphics, hard drives and the rest.

I really like this idea even though some people think it creates more clutter. I don’t see how it does. The only concern I would have with it is the link between the two boxes not being fast enough or possibly messing up. Then again why would Sony do it if it wasn’t reliable and fast.

out of these two PC’s I have to say although I like the design of the R series, the L series and it’s clean design would tempt me to part with money for a Windows PC more than any other one would. Well, except maybe an Alienware machine.

Via engadget.