Google expand their NY Googleplex

The office space at 111 Eighth Ave., which real estate experts estimate is costing the company $10 million a year in rent, is similar in design and functionality to its headquarters in Mountain View. This includes a fully equipped game room that would make any high school boy drool. Foosball, air hockey, ping-pong and pool tables are all available for employees to take a break and “blow off some steam.” The room also has a video game area, bean bag chairs, massage chairs and even a full basketball hoop setup.Just like employees in Mountain View, employees in the New York office also have free food available to them any time of day or night. There are several smaller kitchens throughout the main floor stocked with drinks, snacks and cereal. There is also a “micro-cafe” offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The company is also building a bigger cafeteria staffed with a full-time chef that will occupy an entire floor. It will open in November.

So Google are opening a bigger office in NY in a prominent location with all the cool features we expect from Google because of everything the Googleplex in california offers employees.

There is also speculation that they are planning to build a wi-fi network and / or a datacenter there because of the fact that they building is near some of the best cabling in the city. They have denied it but who cares, it’s still a great thing for Google to be able to show their presence in Manhatten, in a similar way to Apple with their cube design store there.

The move to the new office space, which also happens to sit atop one of the largest fiber-optic crossroads for Internet and telephone communications in Manhattan, has spurred much speculation that Google is planning to build a massive data center. The idea is that Google could connect its servers directly into the fiber-optic communications network at 111 Eighth Ave., allowing the company to bypass networks owned and operated by the phone companies.

For the past couple of years, Google has been buying “dark,” or unused, fiber-optic cabling across the country. It is also helping fund and build wireless access networks in several cities, including Mountain View and San Francisco. And it has invested in several companies developing alternatives for delivering broadband services. One of these investments is in Current Communications Group, which uses a technology called broadband over power line to deliver Internet access over the nation’s electrical power grid.

Nevill-Manning denied that the company’s new office will be used for anything other than software development and sales efforts.

“We have no plans to build a data center here,” he said. “We plan to fill this office with people, not machines. It’s kind of expensive real estate for a data center.”

Google takes a bigger bite of Big Apple | Tech News on ZDNet

Hopefully some pics of the new Googleplex come to light soon.