Zune preview

I have to say the wireless sharing ability is definitely something that Apple can learn from. I hope that for things other than music you can choose to keep the content on your Zune rather than losing it after three days / three plays though. Things like photots or word docs aren’t likely to be copywritten so I can’t see the harm in people sharing them.

Another feature that may well give Apple something to think about is the screen of the Zune. It’s pretty big. Although it’s not widescreen it is wider and bigger than the iPod video’s one and plays videos landscape placing the buttons to the right.

Zune playing diggnation

Finally it has the radio built in which iPod doesn’t. I don’t think this is a major thing but it is something that possibly some people (who aren’t biased towards Apple) may take into consideration along with the other couple of differences between the Zune and iPod when deciding on which one to buy.

But then saying this, Apple could be about to announce a whole load of new stuff just prior to the christmas shopping season so who knows. This would hopefully include a new iPod and the updated MacBooks.

Get the video of a demo of the Zune’s sharing features here.